Selected projects


World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2014  (2014)

EU Energy Security Strategy – Tackling the causes, not just the symptoms (2014)

Greening the Heartlands of Coal in Europe – Insights from a Czech-German-Polish Dialogue on Energy Issues (2014)

Joint Norwegian-German Declaration for a long-term collaboration to promote renewables and climate protection (2013)

Ensuring renewable electricity investments - 14 policy principles for a post-2020 perspective (2013)

Impacts of restricted transmission grid expansion in Germany in 2030 (2013)

The grid expansion debate: the issues at stake – Learning from the public consultation on the German network development plan (2012)

Priorities in the North Sea Grid debate (2012)

Norway and the North Sea Grid – Key positions and players in Norway, from a Norwegian perspective (2012)

RES Legal Europe online database (2009-2011)

RES Integration (2010-2011)

PV Legal (2009-2011)

EU-wide advocacy : integrating renewable heating & cooling into the EU agenda and legislation (2003-2009)

Contributions to the Italian nuclear energy debate (2005-2009)

European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (2002-2009)

Solar Industry conferences (2003-2011)


Further references are available on request.