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Ensuring renewable electricity investments
14 policy principles for a post-2020 perspective

These 14 principles were drafted by a group of twelve internationally renowned, renewable electricity policy and market experts from different European countries and the US. The aim was to provide policy makers and interested stakeholders with a set of consensual principles for designing future remuneration schemes that will provide an effective, efficient and societally acceptable framework for renewable electricity (RES-E) investment in the coming decade.

The 14 principles were launched in a well-attended event in Brussels.

In previous years, discussions on renewables support schemes were too often either conservative or destructive. With these 14 principles, we contribute to a constructive and supportive debate about the long-term framework for investments that Europe will need in order to implement renewables targets for 2030. With this time frame in mind, we refer to “remuneration schemes” rather than “support schemes”.