My role:
Managing Director (2002)
Secretary General (2002-5)
European Policy Director (2005-8)
Vice-President (2008-9)


European Solar Thermal Industry Federation

For six years (2002-2008), I played a key role in building up a professional representation of the solar heating sector at European level. I was instrumental in establishing the organization, making it flourish, defining and successfully implementing a strategy. The main achievements included:

- Tripling of the number of members and revenue
- Integrating renewable heating and cooling in the EU energy policy framework
- Establishment of the leading international industry event
- Establishment of the main quality label for solar thermal products
- Establishment of the European Solar Thermal Technology Platform
- Acquisition and management of EU projects with a total value or circa ten million euros

I left my job at ESTIF because I moved from Brussels to Berlin for private reasons. Short afterwards, I was elected as board member and Vice-President. I kept these honorary positions until the end of 2009.