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Initiator and co-author.


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The main author:
Ruggero Schleicher-Tappeser


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The grid-expansion debate: the issues at stake.
Learning from the public consultation on the German network development plan

Published in December 2012, this paper analyses the arguments presented by a broad range of stakeholders in the public consultation on the first German electricity transmission grid development plan (NEP), during the summer of 2012.

Grid planning is neither merely a technical debate, nor is it only about grids. It relies on assumptions and has implications for the overall architecture of the electricity system, its generation mix, and environmental and social impacts. The public consultation on the German NEP 2012 was a key element of the societal and political process around the German Energiewende. In its breadth and depth, the German grid-expansion debate is so far unique and innovative.

Based on extensive empirical analysis, the paper spells out the key issues emerging from the consultation. It draws conclusions from the German experience for the European context.