My role:

Project coordinator
during the tender and the inception phase (2010-11).
Afterwards: external advisor for eclareon.


Key partners:

Robert Brückmann (eclareon)
Jan-Benjamin Spitzley (eclareon)
Dierk Bauknecht (Öko-Institut)


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Following a tendering procedure, this study was awarded by DG Energy of the European Commission to a consortium of eclareon and Öko-Institut. During the tender and the inception phase, I was the project coordinator in my function as Head of Policy Consulting at eclareon. After leaving eclareon, I provided external advice to the consortium and revised parts of the outputs.

The RES-Integration project analysed how Art. 16 of the Renewables Directive 2009/28/EG had been implemented in each of the then-27 EU Member States. That article sets requirements on the management and development of the electricity grid, including guaranteed transmission rights, priority access, dispatching, charging regimes, and grid development obligations. Moreover, the project evaluated the process of integrating renewables into the electricity markets, including the design of the support schemes and of other relevant power market rules.
In addittion to the 27 national implementation reports, the project also produced recommendations for decision makers at the national and European level. The results were presented in a well-attended final workshop on 7 December 2011 in Brussels.