My role:
Contributing author


Key partners:
The lead authors: Mycle Schneider and Antony Froggatt.

Prof.  Bruno Burger and Dr. Johannes Meier, Fraunhofer ISE.


Download the WNISR 2014

World Nuclear Industry Status Report – 2014  (contributing author)

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report (WNISR) is probably the most authoritative and extensive source of independent information about the nuclear energy sector at global level. Unlike other sources like the International Atomic Energy Agency and the World Nuclear Association, which have the mission of promoting nuclear energy, WNISR offers a unique combination of deep knowledgeability and full independence from vested interests.

Having been an active user of WNISR for many years, I am proud to have contributed a completely new section (pages 81-92) to WNISR 2014, which was launched in Washington, DC (USA) on 29 July 2014. Based on extensive empirical analysis and excellent charts provided by the research centre Fraunhofer ISE, my piece describes the physical behaviour of the German nuclear fleet facing high shares of solar and wind energy. Although the German nuclear fleet  is considered to be one of the most flexible in the world,  it regularly operates at close to full capacity even when wholesale electricity prices are close to zero or negative. My analysis shows how rapidly large scale renewables deployment makes obsolete the traditional baseload business model of nuclear power pants operators.