Key references: the successful campaign to integrate renewable heating and cooling into the EU policy agenda and legislation, the work leading to the Joint-Norwegian-German declaration, the development and implementation of an effective growth strategy for ESTIF, and the successful growth strategy I developed together with my colleagues of the Policy Consulting unit at eclareon.
I (co-)authored a number of papers, ranging from scientific analysis to political communication, addressing both specialists (e.g. World Nuclear Industry Status Report,   EU Energy Security Strategy: tackling the causes, not just the symptoms,  Priorities in the North Sea Grid debate,      Issues at stake in the German grid expansion debate,      Ensuring Renewable Electricity InvestmentsGreening the Heartlands of Coal in Europe)  and a broader public (see  Norway’s Key Role in the European energy transition,      Energiewende europäisch denken: Norwegen macht mit,       Norges nøkkelrolle i europas energiomstilling, or my contributions to the Italian nuclear energy debate). I write fluently in English, German and Italian.


I have delivered hundreds of presentations, ranging from keynote speeches at international conferences, to press conferences, training courses, information workshops for foreign press, etc.

In recent projects (Ensuring Renewable Electricity Investments,      Joint Norwegian-German Declaration,      Impacts of restricted transmission grid expansion), I had occasion to develop my moderation skills.
At ESTIF and at eclareon, I developed and implemented growth strategies for the organisation or unit I had been entrusted. These strategies involved the adoption of goals shared by superiors, peers and collaborators, as well as their successful implementation.

At ESTIF, I acted as CEO of a European trade association for more than three years, including staff and financial management. During ths time, the number of members and the turnover of the association more than tripled. At eclareon and at Solarpraxis, strong growth and positive results were recorded at the profit units or activity areas I was responsible for.

I have been responsible for the conception, acquisition and successful implementation of projects with a cumulative budget of circa 20 million Euros. These projects included studies (e.g. Key issues for Renewable Heat in Europe,      RES Integration) on behalf of European and national public institutions, the creation of on-line information tools, non-profit and commercial events and consultancy for private clients. At SEFEP, I gained experience from the perspective of a client commissioning studies and other activities to research institutes, NGOs or service providers.

In the course of my career, I conceived and implemented dozens of events, ranging from European industry events with >500 participants, to various formats of workshops and conferences, annual membership events, etc.
As team supervisor, I obtained a good insight in the conception and implementation of on-line databases (RES Legal Europe). In other contexts, I was involved as an active user in the development of complex Excel based tools for the purpose of modelling the power system.
Mother tongue: Italian. Fluent in English and German, both written and spoken. Very good passive French and Spanish, with a passable conversation in French.